Portal 2 to Launch in February

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Portal 2 to Launch in February Empty Portal 2 to Launch in February

Post by Yaznee! L4DS on Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:14 am

Portal 2 is officially scheduled for release February 9, 2011 – just in time for you to find a girlfriend and have her buy it for you on Valentine’s Day, and then dump you for playing it non-stop for weeks on end and constantly talking about another woman named GLaDOS. Let’s just hope Valve doesn’t push back the release date any farther, or you might end up in a serious relationship.

GTTV host Geoff Keighley confirmed the release date via his Twitter, along with the exciting promise of more information on this Friday’s show.

GameInformer has already scooped some delicious crumbs of insight from Valve at Gamescom, revealing the game’s charming British robot sidekick, Wheatley, is voiced by Stephen Merchant of The Office.

Valve also displayed some more Portal 2 gameplay at Gamescom, which you can check out right here from Kotaku.

Portal 2 will be released for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3 (with Steamworks functionality!) next February.

How exciting is a confirmed release date from Valve? Express your relief and outline your wishes for the game in the comments

Portal 2 to Launch in February %20yaznee
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