E3 2010 gets Half Life 3?

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E3 2010 gets Half Life 3? Empty E3 2010 gets Half Life 3?

Post by Yaznee! L4DS on Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:01 pm

Remember Valve's cryptic
email telling us that their E3 2010 press conference was no longer
going to involve Portal
2? This official-looking teaser plaque could be the answer.

The image merely shows a Half-Life logo and
the words: 'Freeman, June 14th'. The date coincides with Valve's
would-be Portal 2 E3 conference. A Valve insignia sits at the bottom.

This could mean one of three things, for our money: (i) Valve will
announce Half-Life 3 on June 14 at E3; (ii) Valve will announce
Half-Life 2: Episode 3 on June 14 at E3; (iii) Someone in a bedroom has
Photoshop and too much time on their hands.

E3 2010 gets Half Life 3? Screenshot_232454_thumb300
Meanwhile, Ripten
reports that a '360 and PS3 journalist' has been told by Valve that the
new non-Portal 2 'surprise' at E3 won't be of great interest to them. A
PC exclusive makes Episode 3 the more likely candidate.

course, this is all scurrilous rumour and conjecture for now. Whatever
Valve's showing off at E3, we'll be there in force - ready to let you
know exactly what's going down.

Meanwhile, we'll check in with
Valve's team to see what they say about the new image...

E3 2010 gets Half Life 3? %20yaznee
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