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FREE maps for your FREE copy of Portal Empty FREE maps for your FREE copy of Portal

Post by Yaznee! L4DS on Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:02 am

In case you missed the news, Portal will be free for the Mac and PC
until May 24th on Steam. Since so many people are playing this great
game for the first time, we thought it’d be fun to highlight some of our
favorite add-ons for the first-person puzzler.

Portal: Prelude

Download Portal:

FREE maps for your FREE copy of Portal PortalCakeTHUMB2--article_imagePortal: Prelude is more than a mappack. The
unofficial prequel features more hours of gameplay than the original
Portal, tons of new challenges, and over 400 lines of speech with both
English and French subtitles.

According to the game’s creators, “Its story revolves around the
pre-GlaDOS epoch, even before she was plugged in. At this time, test
subjects were monitored by real Aperture Science employees, whose work
was tedious, lengthy and repetitive.” It’s a brilliant idea for a
premise that helps explain why Aperture Science needed GlaDOS to watch
over test subjects in the original.

FREE maps for your FREE copy of Portal PortalPreludeScrn--article_image
Above: Once you’ve beaten Portal, Portal: Prelude should be the
next item on your list of games to play

Portal: Prelude Trailer from NykO18 on Vimeo.

Portal: The
Flash Version Mappack

Portal: The Flash Version Mappack

When Portal was first announced, self-proclaimed Valve fanboys Hen
Mazolski and Ido Tal couldn’t wait to play the game. In fact, they were
so excited that they started work on a 2D Flash version of Portal before
it even released. It turned out that their 2D take on Valve’s game was
incredibly fun. Since then, the browser-based game has won various

The team’s next project was a popular mappack with the 40 levels
featured in Portal: The Flash Version. Some of the new content in the
Xbox LIVE arcade game Portal: Still Alive was based on the levels
featured in this fan-made mappack.

FREE maps for your FREE copy of Portal FlashScrn--article_image
Above: Portal: The Flash version. If you’ve never played it, check
it out

FREE maps for your FREE copy of Portal PortalTheFlashVersion--article_image
Above: Portal: The Flash Version Mappack gives you lots of extra
portals to play with. It includes all 40 levels from the Flash version

Got any other favorites that we missed? Share your links with us below.

FREE maps for your FREE copy of Portal %20yaznee
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