The science of L4D speedruns

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The science of L4D speedruns

Post by Spam on Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:06 pm

Speedrunning L4D is a lot more difficult than speedrunning other games. Why? Because in most games, every level will play out the same way, every enemy will appear in the same place, etc, etc...
As you all know, L4D is a lot more dynamic; the enemies always appear in random locations, and in l4d2, sometimes the layout of the level will change, and this is all down to one thing ladies and gentlemen, the AI DIRECTOR.

Therefore, this discussion is all about what we know about the AI director, and how we can manipulate it to give ourselves the best chance of getting a good time.

There is a limit to how many zombies are allowed to exist in the game world. (30 or so) Therefore it is always best to refrain from killing the zombies whenever possible, because the more zombies there are behind you, the less will spawn in front of you. (When a zombie is too far from any member of the group, it will be culled). Remember that when incapped, DO NOT shoot the zombies that are kicking you, as you are keeping the zombies away from the others.

The AI director will place items and enemies according to how well it thinks the survivors are performing. Therefore a team that is struggling may find additional health kits and less enemies, whereas a team that is doing well might just run right into a shit storm.
During speedruns it is often best if the slower players are killed off, as it will make the AI director more forgiving, and shave seconds off the time, however this can be a risky strategy, as a small team can be very vulnerable.
If a speedrun is attempted with bot players, always incap the bots in the saferoom, as their demise should keep the zomboids off your ass.

I'm too drunk right now to type anything else.

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Re: The science of L4D speedruns

Post by HILBILLY on Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:48 pm

lol good work so far spam

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Maybe,Just Maybe :D

Post by Yaznee! L4DS on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:18 am

Spam wrote: Remember that when incapped, DO NOT shoot the zombies that are kicking you, as you are keeping the zombies away from the others.

Well everyone should be doing this anyways as its one of the main parts to speedrunning as every single one of us gets incapped at some point and killing that zombie slows things down...

But if your idea would work the two in front will get away easy were the poor buggers behind get butt raped by the undead thus leaving two players to finish the saferoom,which in some cases is hard EG: that final run on Dark Carnival and you need all 4 players for that part definitely.take another example when we first leave the saferoom the first 2 or even 3 in front seem to dodge everything pretty easily(until you see a jockey and run backwards) lol and that leaves one or two person fucked up again affraid

To be honest the only thing we can do with this idea is give it a try,and if it works then fuck yeah epic shit Spam if not oh well at least we tried Sad

Anyways lets see what the others have to say...

Yaznee! L4DS

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Re: The science of L4D speedruns

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