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Post by Yaznee! L4DS on Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:40 am

During our demo for Valve's highly anticipated sequel, the first thing Project Manager Erik Johnson mentioned was the fact that the developers had no idea that Portal would resonate with gamers the way it did. While that's obviously a good thing in many ways, it had to have put a lot of pressure on the development team tasked with creating a sequel to one of the most beloved games of this generation. Judging by what we saw during our two separate behind-closed-doors demos, they handled the pressure beautifully, creating what's sure to be one of the most intelligently designed games of 2011. Yes, Portal 2's got its hooks in us and it's not even coming out this year.

So what makes Portal 2 such a unique experience, especially when we live in a time when sequels really only need to live up to the "bigger, better, and more badass" credo to be considered successful? Amazingly, the game feels less like a sequel than the first true Portal game, almost as if the game we all came to know and love was just a glorified tech demo. There are a staggering number of new and wildly inventive gameplay mechanics on display here (note to Valve: we probably would have been happy with one or two), from squirtable goos that can help you move faster or bounce higher to air vents that allow you to suck enemies in through your portals to lasers that can be redirected using special crystal cubes to... you know what, you're better off just watching these hilarious videos of the entire demo (but continue on for some stuff you won't see!):

Pretty cool, huh? What wasn't show publicly was the new co-op mode, which looks to be one of those types of experiences that ends marriages and drives wedges between old friends (and we mean that in a good way). There's actually a completely separate co-op campaign with different puzzles that will intertwine with the single-player story. Best of all, both the single-player and multiplayer offerings will be upwards of six hours in length, dwarfing the all-too-short original game. We generally feel like longer isn't always better, but we think you'll agree that this is one case in which we'll happily take as much as we can get.

Runners-Up: Dead Space 2, Epic Mickey, Rock Band 3

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