NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround Now Available

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NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround Now Available Empty NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround Now Available

Post by Yaznee! L4DS on Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:16 am

Back in April, we got a glimpse of NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround, which takes the company's 3D PC gaming system and adds support for up to three monitors running full resolution stereoscopic 3D at once. Since it is essentially an expansion to the GeForce 3D Vision system, NVIDIA was able to add 3D Vision Surround's multi-display support through a simple driver download, which has been made available for public download for the first time this week.

3D Vision Surround is capable of delivering full HD 3D over three displays of up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, totaling at 5760 x 1080 pixels. There are over 425 games supported in 3D on NVIDIA's 3D Vision platform, highlights include Assassin's Creed 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, G.R.I.D., and Modern Warfare 2.
NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround Now Available Nvidia_01_1277939771
The update, which is bundled into NVIDIA's GeForce Beta v.258.69 driver release, adds a series of tools to enable 3D Vision Surround. Before you rush to NVIDIA's downloads site, however, there are some strict system requirements you must adhere to before you can enable multi-panel 3D on your system. In order to use 3D Vision Surround, obviously the NVIDIA 3D Vision transmitter and glasses are needed, but you must also have Windows 7 installed on your PC, which should feature an SLI motherboard, 2GBs of RAM, and dual NVIDIA GPUs. For the best performance, NVIDIA recommends their GeForce GTX 400 series, though processors in their 200 series lineup work as well. Naturally, three 3D-enabled displays are required, though it is important to note that NVIDIA requires them all to be the same make and model in order to effectively work in 3D Surround mode.

You can learn more about 3D Vision Surround's requirements at NVIDIA's official website.

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